Ladyboss Questions

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What is a Ladyboss Productions?

How do we help many ways with depression we have a ladyboss  big sister program where we pair you with a ladyboss mentor.

We also have a great pod cast on chirp.

We will continue to create content for you.

Ladyboss Apparel

Ladyboss gift shop is a ladyboss Productions branding company and promotions. 

We are also an on line store and profit helps women with depression. If you wear the ladyboss Brand prepare to be hugged and have ladyboss sister for life. We are always looking for more ladybosses.


We are based in the USA. We may take 10-14 days to ship after payment. 14 day return policy. 


Ebook and Course Videos will be send no more then 48 hours after payment. No refund after purchase on digitals. 


Ladyboss policy 

Our Shipping Policy

What You Need to Know

Shipping is 10-14 days after payment. Customer does have a 14 day return policy. We are usa company.