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Updated: Apr 16, 2019

What is time management. The biggest excuse is I don’t have any time. But when I ask these girls what do you do with your time. I get responses like oh I have a kid, school or work. But when I ask let me see your phone. They have 3-6 hours. Of just sitting on the phone doing nothing.

We live in an area where we can make money with our phones yet we get distracted. Social media can be a very powerful object yet we can use it in many ways. Some for communication But did you know you can make so much money on line doing what you love?

I wake up every morning walk my dogs, hit the bow flex and start a blog. No mater what I have going on in the day time I make sure to start the day the right way. I noticed when I keep doing the same thing I keep getting better results.

I love to travel. But I have to make sure I have a plan how to get there. Its has a lot to do with time management. Everyone always ask how can you travel a lot and do you have a day time job?

Well first I works every hard at my job. I don’t work full time but I am very greatful to have the benefits as a full-time employee at a really big company only working part time. I dedicate another 4 hours a day to my blog and website. I unfortunately had to cut off time hanging out with my friends.

To me it was actually one of the hardest things to do. So from San Diego California my beautfull city. To Memphis Tennessee. In Memphis I didn’t know much people. In San Diego it was crazy. I could not go any where with out anyone screaming ladyboss or knowing my name. Yet a lot of people thought they knew me but they didn’t. I tried to stop the parting. I kinda did. I stop going out. And started working a job. I really loved. And it was hard to work for someone again as I was self employed for three years.

Now I am currently number one sales person in my company. Part time and now started something that drew fire to me when I herd it and that was Ladyboss. After doing events and parting with celebrities, doing promotions. Was nothing at all what I wanted to do at all. The life was so fast I felt like I had way to much fun. But I spend all my money in drinks and dresses. But not two much to show for it. So after I got all my dreams come true I asked my self what is next I already did all of that. What my friends wanted to do I already did it. Nothing felt like the rust when I herd lady boss.

One day I was laying in bed and got a text from a friend saying look .It was a like for lady boss legging. I looked at it and felt some type of fire at I got when I did lady boss productions. That page currently has 74 likes, mine has 771 with only a month of being live. Our Instagram has 2660. Every morning I wake up and read the amazing emails that you ladies send me. I am very thankful to say 2019 is looking good. I don’t expect anything or to make it as a store. But my goals are to keep motivating women to keep up and do what you what to do. Get up and do it. Your not going to fix anything by reading it. Only by doing.

I feel like I have grown so much in the past 3 years. And now for my vision with lady boss I executing it the right way. The way I want other lady bosses to see lady boss. So far as of April 15 I have done everything my self from posting, Face Book, Instagram, YouTube, Flyers have been done by me. It’s my vision for lady boss. So make sure everything you post reflects you as a person and who represents you. Every day I wake up in the morning thinking of how many changes can I make when I wake up.

One thing I learned you have to be consistent in what you do. You only become as good as your practice. Everything that you thought was out of reach. Is only a few steps away.

Tomorrow morning start something new and different. Perfect example don't touch your phone until you brushed your teeth. It's a start and the learning starts one day at a time.

I do have to thank the models who have helped me make this happen. I started a model schedule so email me to get in

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