Facebook is dead Instagram is winning in Marketing

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Social media is taking over 2019 even more powerful then before. Advertisement has definitely taken a turn in so many ways this year. We have a new sources such as Pandora for music. Which killed radio. Television can no longer keep our attention and with Netflix and Hulu prices so much cheaper than cable itself. Well let’s us just say we already No who’s winning that battle.

Now 2019 Facebook is changing is so many ways but are they good change? Now for every few min video we get an annoying advertising. I work in marketing and I get it Facebook wants to make money.

But did you know that Mark Zuckerberg owns both.

Facebook have been one of the strongest social media plat forms. What if change is not always a good thing when it comes to a customer/ users. Now you cant see a video clip with out a annoying advertisement popping up. Facebook survived since 2004.

Advertisement is also taking a hit. People are no longer using televisions or radios the way they used to. So what does that mean? You have to target people differently. The average screen time google says is 3.5 hours a day. People are on their phones more then anything all day.

I find that funny as an entrepreneur because I always ask them do you have time.

People come up with excuses but when I ask them about there screen time. The number of hours spend are very high. So that means if you are a business owner the game of advertisement is changing. The best way to get your product out into the public is right on your phone.

Many clients can be found right on your phone. The best connections on only a few clicks away. It's super easy. Posting is a huge key when it comes to making connections. One post done the right way can make a huge impact on making the right connections. I once set up a digital marketing website for a customer and in the first day she got a client who wanted her services and also owned a lot of real estate. It takes one good post.

There is so much money that can be made off the internet. Getting customer and targeting them is the best way to find them. lady boss Marketing will teach you how to post and direct your company in the right direction. It takes hard work and effort.


Instagram you can say in one of my favorite websites so use. They help bring so much traffic. Now Instagram has something that you can post videos for a longer videos. And you don’t have to stick around for any adverting. It’s a super simple plat form that more and more users are getting the hang of it.

The most subscribers is about 155 million. and that’s Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian. They get paid up to $250,000. per single post. That’s the president salary and one picture. Just one post.

Another career path that’s growing min a very rapid rate are influencers. Instagram is a great platform to start for that. Gathering a following and people knowing who you are is a great way to start. Creating content is very important because just one of them can find you the right client.

Instagram beat facebook. YouTube won in many teens. So depending on your main targets. you have to see what fits you the best. But the importance is that your are creating content. You wanna be able to have content. You have to start a fan base, and the most important thing is that you are staying consistent with your contents. Creating can get hard so always try to get hard. So try to get creative and spread your things out.

Choose your page layout and find a nice layout that you want to present your page. Remember to try to keep it clean. Consistent is also key, your followers are going to start following you because they like your content and you wanna be able to also keep your following.

Soon I will have a book to help you guide you in every question you have from start to finish.

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