Habits Creating better habit domino effects.

I used to have the habit of never getting anything done that I actually wanted to do. I would always say what if but never did anything just kept goin

But it what if you are your worse enemy. If you always think about it and a year goes by? Guess what your not going to do it.

Well I’ll where do I start if I want change? Well first it’s Career. I don’t mean just go quit your day time job now. Find something that builds the fire that gets you working. But your never going to get rich working for someone else. More money more probless.

So how do you create good habits? You Start the next day. A brand new clean day that you don’t want to waste. wasting your life on Facebook or the internet it’s not real at all. What do you have to show for it. The internet does not exist. I don’t like spend much time on it. It’s only a distraction.

One you can figure out the work now rest later works. Your pretty much in paste to be a really great entrepreneur. For one of my company’s It took me a long time to realize that it was a male industry. Even though I made my mark and everybody knew of me and my company the biggest struggle was respect until they saw it.

Now for that business venture. I will have to sit down next to a male and have him do the talking and we just pretend to be a model. It’s very sad but it’s very true. Men will only take men Seriously. But the funny thing is that he works for me. Why do I even have to stress about it. Why go threw that. In one meeting I have have a Business plan that we can all agree and sign and move on.

The domino effect can start as little as just putting your phone down and getting board. The best ideas come that way. A lot of women tell me I don’t have time for this or that. Yet they are always connected to facebook.

Working out is a goal that everyone wants but don‘t want to put in the work. That’s actually a very easy goal. What helps me the most are creating post it notes with reminders of what I have to get done. They are in my office. I make sure to stare at my goals every moment I can. It helps me remember nothing is impossible.

Habits are things you want a repeat. Not just one it has to keep going. You have to remind your self on why you want to make that change you have to want it. No one besides your self will make you accountable of your habits or creating new ones. You also have to keep up the habit for at least 20 days to make sure it is a habit. Rome was no build in one day. So take it one day at a time. Comment your habit below and your goal to change it.

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