Minneapolis MN

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Minneapolis- 3 Days

Downtown : Parking $22 per day


🔷 Mall Of America - Biggest Mall in America with so many stores. The mall was definitely huge. They had many stores a few times. They have a huge theme park as you walk in. They have a LEGO land store right in front of everything. But pretty much every common store your average local mall would have like MAC, Macy’s, And more.


🔷 Falls - If you like water. Check out Anthony Falls. Great museums of arts. The city is huge and you can also travel by air to get a better view. But with so much to do thats a plus.


🔷Traffic - Best thing to do take UBer, Lyft, Metro. Traffic can be horrible and parking. We almost got ran over 2 times in downtown so be care full if you choose to walk.

$5.00 = 4 hours and drops your off at the mall.


🔷Food - Ate at many locations one of my

Favorites was a little place in downtown called Cargo. Cow boy Jacks also has amazing burgers and great activities to do while your food is getting done. Darts, videos games and much more.


📍 Hotel: Crowne plaza $$$$$

Hotel was beautiful stayed on 17th floor royal suite. The View was horrible. Honestly I would have been happier on a lower floor. The staff just need better communication. The gym was a huge plus! On the 7th floor. The rooms were huge.

The kone bar down stairs was amazing. Room service was on average $50.00 per meal.

618 2nd Ave S Minneapolis MN 55402


🍔 @CargoOFFoodAthority

- The tacos were amazing really felt like I was in California. They have free games and activities like corn hole, video games and more. The wait time is slim to none. Every food has it’s location and it’s own kiosk. So the wait time is pretty much nothing. The beer was only $3 at happy hour. Darts was our favorite thing to do all night. Trivia is also free and you can win free gift cards from $10-15-$25.

The music was top 100. The wait for service was nothing. The customer service was amazing. The bartenders were great and happy.I went back twice. It was a huge venue with the hole in the wall feeling to it.

Thanks so much Cargo we will come again. I recommend this bar a lot. It’s a great place to pregame and hang out with friends.

600 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55403




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