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What motivates you as a women? I had someone the other day ask me to mentor there daughter. Why is it that women don't help each other. Women competing with other women. We should be helping each other. Empowering a women is one of the best things I love to do. When I read fan mail I love to hear that they are getting by and motivated as they watch me work. Working for your self is not easy and one of the hardest things to do was stay motivated. If you are not excited about what you do. Stop there and change it because you will not get far.

If you don't like your job, Why not change it. It's super simple to update your resume and start applying is something you wanna do. I hate to see people who have so much potential get suck. When you know you they have so much more to offer. I once worked for a company that had people there for 15 years. How is is possible that this man can feed his family and cloth them with one income. Here I am living with the same paycheck as him. No kids or rent yet I was struggling to pay some bills because of over spending.

So I left that job and found something that paid 30 an hour. But I would have never been able to get this job if I didn't take the risk. I would be stuck. After that I was able to start my own company part time and be able to go down from full time to part time and focus on lady boss. If you don't take risk in life you will get suck.

So what I wanna be able to tell women don't get stuck. Learn your value as a person. If you don't value your time who else will. Once you learn your value and your passion. Add tax to that. Because you need to be to take out the lady boss in you. Every women is a Lady boss. It's up to her when she is ready to come out.

Ask your self what motivates you and keep practicing and keep improving your craft. It's okay to go back and fix it. It's okay to make mistakes because that is the best way to learn. I wake up in the morning scratch everything and start all over again until I think it's perfect. Then I wake up the next day hating it the next. But it's okay. Rome was not build in one day. So take it one day at a time.


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