San Diego Night Life is Dead

In 2010 San Diego used to have one of the best night life industry. I remember even as a teen you had a lot of options in 2010. You had Decos, on Broadway and even Satin lounge

These places were just 18 and up with different sections for 21 and over drinking.

Satin Lounge honestly had one of the best music. The first time I was there. I was dancing so much that I danced my keys off my pants. The next thing you know the DJ asked if any one lost there keys. Yup they were mine. the next thing you know I was getting in for free. We were his favorite girls. The music always had this vibe. The next thing you know we started a club promotion company.

The music they had at Satin was like top 40 hip hop and rap. The feel after a while it got very ratchet. They also had a pole. The set up was like a big box for the 21 and up and the had the 18 and under on the dance floor. selling $5.00 bottle of water to under age kids in a warehouse. The location was in the middle of a collage area. The Dj always had the best music and the best vibe. The owner in the other hand had his dogs with him at all times out side. He would not let men in with a plain white shirt. The place slowly lost it's crowd and they ended up shutting down. 6195 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92115

Decos was also a 18 and up located in downtown on a location McFadden now which is about to close again. The difference between Decos marketing was that they had hot girl go go dancers and good head liner artist. The girls bring in customers from the gas lamp strip. And give them passes and take them to the front to the events. They had great promotions.They had Go Go dancers promoters. And in the end dancing. I used to go go there and it was an amazing experience. The pay sucked but it was so much fun. The connections started a really great domino effect. Decos had one main stage and three sections. They had a back section where people would smoke and the middle and the main stage.

The main stage had teen turning up so hard that they would make the floor move so hard that it would feel like your going to fall threw. I remember I saw a very good show. It was the Game. A R and B artist and the show was amazing. The go go dancers where on point and it will be a show I will never for get. 731 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

Belo on 5th ave RIP

Belo was a night club that I felt just came and left. The music was Okay. I dont get how the DJ's don't get the hint that if people are not dancing on the dance floor that means that they are not having a good time. Yes customer service will break you because customers will not come back because they don't remember having a good time or them even being there. The new venue bassmnt is way better when it comes to customer service and music. I have seen so many artist there start an amazing journey threw that stage such at Chain smokers, DJ mustard, Tanashia and much more. Bassmnt closed down kept the same brand but redid the venue and now had some nights 18 and up. I think bassmnt is one of the best clubs in San Diego with all the package. Music with the entertainment and staff. 919 Fourth Ave suite 100, San Diego, CA 92101

On broadway was also one of the best 18+ venues. It had a great vault room. They also had something called a pink room. I will post a few picture of me go go dancing there. They that a totally different club for 21 and over. They didn't mix the crowd at all. They also had a huge screen. They would have shows with artist like Bow Wow, LMFAO and much more. The venue is now called Parq night club. It just changed management again. With the rent prices going up people are not spending much in the night life industry. As a women in the industry men pretty much paid the cover for women with double cover and free cover for men. But that is almost every club in San Diego as bate to get men in. 615 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101

AD had one of the most honest and humble owners I have ever seen. When I would take my clients there the security were super nice but many things would happen in this club. I once spend 7k with a client there in a table and my phone was stolen, I got my phone there stolen so many times. I would lose iphones. So we stopped going. I gave them a few chances hosting events but they were always late on the way. So many promotion companies just stopped working with them.

I don't blame the owners. I blame the management and the waitress staff. The management thought they were on a cloud with no ending and would treat many customers with poor customer service. The drinks are not cheap. We are also paying for the experience. The waitresses thought they were the hottest thing in the earth. They were so beautiful they looked like dolls. But with the attitude they had was a total turn off. That's why the industry is died. If these girls know we can make money together and see you there every weekend, why would you not just be nice. 905 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

More to be added to the list for the San Diego Industry.

I was actually in the Satin Lounge Commercial link above.

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