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North Dakota

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Let’s start with the Population: 760,077 (2018)


When I first got to North Dakota I noticed right away that they have one of the most nicest people you will ever meet. The I stayed in South Dakota for one week in a small town. The only store in the town was as smaller then a walmart and if they didn't have what you are looking for, shipping is the best way.

The bar's were very small and North Dakota is known for being the most drinking state. Like I can see why people drink so much there is not a lot to do up there. You can go into a bar in South Dakota and order a bottle and a pack of beer to go right from the bar. They also had poker tables, slot machines and something I have never seen before tabs. Tabs is you buying a card that you pull and you can win any where from $50-1000. I spend about $80.00 on tabs on my trip and I only won back $5.00 it's something I have never seen before so I had to see how shady that game really is.

The small towns are so small and cute. It's one of the best places to get in touch with your country side. And I don't think it can get any more country then the farms you see. The town is so small that you go some where everyone knows everyone. The town is so small that the elementary, Middle school and high school are all located in the same building.


What I really enjoyed from this trip a lot was the fact that there was not a lot of people around so everything in the town is safe. people still sleep with there doors open, Locks are never used. You can still leave your keys in there.

The Country trip sometimes is well needed


Food: I have to say they have really great small hole in the wall bars. One that I really loved was a place down the street


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